homeschooling goals 2013-2014


It just occurred to me this last week that “plenty of time to plan during summer break” hasn’t happened yet.  We also haven’t yet set a date to “go back to school.”  Where are the quiet days with plenty of time on my hands to spend devoted to planning out the next year of academics?  Sometimes I think this summer has been busier than the past school year.  I am yearning for the days that have some semblance of a schedule.

So here I am, on the fly, doing some goal brainstorming.  I will probably make changes to these as we get started and as the year progresses..

Daughter #1:

  • Finish current Mathusee level by Christmas Break (haven’t set a date for that yet), Begin next Mathusee level in January.
  • Stay on schedule with Language Arts
  • Complete current Sequential Spelling lists and advance to next level by Spring?  Need to look and see how many weeks are left in current level.
  • Memorize all 50 states and capitals, memorize Presidents in order.

Finish current AWANA book by Christmas (again, need to verify exactly where she’s at to make sure this is a reasonable goal).

Daughter #2:

  • Finish current Mathusee Level by Christmas Break.   Begin next Mathusee Level in January 2014.
  • Complete current Sequential Spelling lists by the end of the school year.
  • Stay on schedule with Language Arts (we use Time4Learning and love it!).
  • Complete Level 2 swimming lessons by end of year.

Both kiddos:

School Supplies on yellow background

  • Begin year by making songbook
  • Finish Story of the World – first book
  • Begin/Finish Apologia: Zoology 2
  • Set a table properly by Thanksgiving
  • Have girls help with meal making / planning
  • Take a field trip to the aquarium
  • Field trip to Fort Langley around Thanksgiving?
  • Do more art projects
  • Have more fun!

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