first day of school (2013-2014)

Setting goals and getting started.. and the day ended with giggles and smiles!  Success!  I will post a “second day of school” picture tomorrow.  Why? Because I’m lame, and forgot to take a picture today.  That’s being real, people.  And you know what? I don’t really feel that bad about it, because every other part of this day was so good!

So what did we do for our first day?

  • Mommy had coffee.
  • Girls had breakfast – Krusteaz Waffle Stix, then they made their bed and did whatever chores I asked them to do.. I can’t remember now.. 🙂
  • Devotions
  • Mommy worked (Self employed virtual assistant)
  • Discussed goals for the year.  Some short term goals, some more long-term.
  • Did some quick counting review
  • Did our calendar
  • Spelling tests for both girls (we do Sequential Spelling, so they “test” every day).
  • Independent reading time.
  • Mommy had breakfast and took a shower. (11:30am is still morning!)
  • Girls had lunch.
  • Went to library to pick up books for Time4Learning’s Language Arts curriculum
  • Reviewed Madie’s AWANA lesson – starts again tomorrow night, and she’s a little nervous.
  • Swimming lessons
  • Dinner
  • Daddy started reading aloud a book to them about George Muller, while Mommy did more V.A. work.
  • Bedtime for girls was filled with silliness and giggles, prayers and loads of love.  Thank you, Jesus, for a good day 🙂

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