nw mama’s dinner menu for week 19, 2014

I plan our dinner meals monthly to save my sanity, time and money. Rather than post it all at once, I’ll try to post weekly to make it less overwhelming for you and me.

NW Mama’s Menu for May 5-11

  • Monday: Spanish ChickenMenu for week 19 of the year 2014. Image taken from NW Mama's kitchen chalkboard.
    • Chicken, potatoes and some wonderful seasonings all baked together in the oven.
  • Tuesday: Soft Tacos (Taco Salad for the gluten free eaters)
    • A relatively healthy family favorite. I make my own taco seasoning from this recipe.
  • Wednesday: Asian Pork [Beef] & Cabbage Skillet
    • Low carb, filling and flavorful dinner.
  • Thursday: Pizza
    • I have a class until late afternoon and we have family arriving for the holiday weekend. Keeping dinner simple, and one of the pizza chains that delivers offers a gluten free option!
  • Friday: Nachos
    • We may be eating out this evening, but I wanted to plan something very simple in advance in case that changes. Looks kind of redundant after having Soft Tacos on Tuesday.
  • Saturday: Hamburgers on the BBQ – hoping for nice weather!
  • Sunday: Mother’s Day lunch at a local beach restaurant – reservations made!
    • Visitors leaving during the day. No dinner will be prepared, so we’ll probably do our “refrigerator clean-out” if people are hungry.

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