spanish chicken – how do i love thee?

Delicious Spanish chicken complimented with fresh orange slices, potatoes and chorizo.In Sunday’s post, I gave you my dinner menu for this week. I have to admit that ever since I found it on Pinterest, I had been loo
king forward to making last night’s meal with a crazy similar excitement to preparing for holiday dinners. The difference is where holiday meals usually require much preparation and effort, this meal makes you look like you slaved for hours when it really only took 30 minutes, at the most, aside from the cooking time. Easy, delicious and pretty!

Oh, Spanish Chicken. You did not disappoint, and I will never be the same again. It was wonderfully plate-licking good and I have to say that there is very little I would change about this recipe. I could not find halal chorizo, and honestly I didn’t look that hard. I used the chorizo sausage that was parked next to the Jimmy Dean at the grocery story, rolled it into little meatballs and it worked out great. I loved the hint of orange with the fresh orange zest, and everyone agreed they would like a bit more of the orange flavor. The recipe says not to use the juice from the orange, but I plan on slightly cutting back on the oil and squeezing a bit of the orange juice over top anyway. I made way too many potatoes, but that is hardly something to complain about. I am making soft tacos / taco salad for dinner tonight, and potatoes with the bits of chorizo will make a nice little side dish or taco filling.

A note on Metric and Celsius conversions..

750 grams chorizo = approximately 1.5 lbs. I used just one pound and it was fine for us.

200°C = 400°F – I found the baking temperature to be right on. I let the dish cook for 30 minutes, then took the pans out, moved the chicken from the bottom of the pan to the top, and continued baking for another 35 minutes. Chicken was golden crisp and potatoes were done perfectly.

Is next Monday too soon to make it again?


2 thoughts on “spanish chicken – how do i love thee?

    • Thanks for your comment! It was making my mouth water when I was writing the post! Seriously though, I was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful and “pretty” this dish was with a relatively short list of ingredients. Not only was I excited to eat it, but the whole family was – and that is quite an accomplishment 🙂

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