the “snail roller” saga

Original story began on 05.13.14 like this:

Not a good look.Let’s begin with me telling you that my hair is now in a messy pony tail. This is not a success story.

A week or so ago, my friend who is a professional hair stylist (I am not) posted a picture on Facebook of her daughter with these amazing looking, bright pink and orange spiral rollers in her hair. She then posted another picture the next morning showing her daughter with these very cute, bouncy curls. “I can do that!” I thought.

I quickly commented and asked what they were called, then immediately went over to amazon and purchased these “snail rollers.” I knew they would finally give my hair the curl and body I had been dreaming of for the last.. ahem.. all my life.

The curlers arrived and I was waiting for just the right time to try them out. My sister-in-law and her daughter came to spend the weekend with us, and I laid them out conspicuously. You see, my niece has long, gorgeous locks, and it was my goal to passively coerce her into becoming my willing participant in my experiment with the new snail rollers. It took approximately one hour to cover her head in 40 curlers (lots of wavy thick hair!), and she didn’t leave them in overnight. Rather, she left them in for about an hour, blow-drying occasionally. The result, however, was long, beautiful, cascading spiral curls. I just KNEW these would be perfect for MY hair!

I decided to try them out today on my own hair, mid-morning, forgetting that I was going to go see a friend before my 1 p.m. class. Ugh. I wasn’t going to have time for them to dry all the way! No problem, I thought. I’ll just have loose curls. Wrong. I had frizz! And that brings us back to the messy ponytail. I did not have time to try to fix it. I remembered my promise to visit my friend about half way through the “snail roller” saga, so I was in a full sweat trying to not look as frizzled (nice play on words, huh?) as I was feeling!

Will I try it again? Most likely. However, I’ll probably watch another tutorial.. or 10.. before I do it again.

Beautiful spiral curls.05.15.14 Update: I tried the “snail rollers” again. In my daughter’s hair. She slept with them in last night, and we had success taking them out this morning. I may try them on my own hair again sometime, but will wait until I have more time for them to dry all the way. I did learn that they were originally called “Curlformers,” and they have a website.

If you want to give it a try, here’s the original Curlformers Youtube tutorial video:

If you’re like me, more is better. If you head over to Youtube, type in “Curlformers” or “snail rollers” and you’ll find an endless amount of tutorial videos. The messy ponytail has it’s place, but when your intent is to have cascading, curly locks,

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