nw mama’s dinner menu: week 23, 2014

The week is almost over, and I am late getting this post out to you. My apologies. Time management has gone out the window this week, but I’m reeling it back in.

The end of the month is always interesting when it comes to meal planning. I usually leave a few empty spots on my monthly meal plan at the end of the month. Why? Well, it’s a pretty good bet that I’ve banked some meals (haven’t used them or the ingredients) from earlier in the plan, and I can plug them in at the end. Life happens, people, and just because you have a plan, doesn’t mean it all goes accordingly. It does, however, give you the flexibility to move meals around according to schedule changes.. which seem to happen at a world-record-breaking rate around my house.

So here we go:

NW Mama’s Menu for June 2 – June 8

  • Monday: Turkey Burgers and Steamed Veggies
    • On the grill – we’ve been enjoying unusually dry and warm weather here in the Northwest, so we like to move things outside and enjoy every minute of it!
  • Tuesday: Baked Chicken and Potato Salad
    • A la Fred Meyer.
  • Wednesday: Serbian Bean Soup
    • From last week’s menu. It was too warm last Sunday for soup, so we opted to make skewers instead.
  • Thursday: Chicken Satay and Steamed Veggies
    • My family loves Thai food, and I found an wonderful recipe for satay on Allrecipes. Although I love it best cooked on the grill, it bakes up nicely in the oven too.
  • Friday: Date Night! (AKA: Grocery Shopping for Monthly Meal Plan Night)
    • My parents take care of the kiddos this night, including dinner!
  • Saturday: Hot Dogs, Veggies and Fries
    • With summer approaching, yard work is in full swing. Saturdays are usually spent working in the yard until the last possible minute before dinner prep begins. Therefore, we keep it simple.
  • Sunday: Nachos
    • We feed a lot of people after church on Sundays. To keep our tight budget under control, I look for relatively inexpensive meals to feed a crowd.

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