what curriculum do you love?

A display of various homeschool curriculum.Curriculum. I think about new curriculum frequently, mostly because the grass always looks greener to me on the other side. That is, until I look really close and find that there’s always something I’m going to wish was just a *tad* bit different. I have found that no curriculum in and of itself is perfect, and it’s really just about finding what can easily be adapted to meet my children’s needs.Read More »


goodbye 2013..

..Hello 2014.

Today was our first day “back,” and what did we accomplish? Well, I had an appointment this morning, but the girls were showered and had finished their devotions before I returned. We completed today’s spelling lists and handwriting. Then we turned on the Wii for some Zumba Kids and Wii Sports. PE done. I’m calling it a day.  I have one load of laundry almost done, and last month’s billing finished for my Virtual Assistant work.Read More »

first day of school (2013-2014)

Setting goals and getting started.. and the day ended with giggles and smiles!  Success!  I will post a “second day of school” picture tomorrow.  Why? Because I’m lame, and forgot to take a picture today.  That’s being real, people.  And you know what? I don’t really feel that bad about it, because every other part of this day was so good!

So what did we do for our first day?Read More »

homeschooling goals 2013-2014


It just occurred to me this last week that “plenty of time to plan during summer break” hasn’t happened yet.  We also haven’t yet set a date to “go back to school.”  Where are the quiet days with plenty of time on my hands to spend devoted to planning out the next year of academics?  Sometimes I think this summer has been busier than the past school year.  I am yearning for the days that have some semblance of a schedule.Read More »