cheater korean beef

Picture of Cheater Korean Beef served over rice on a white plate.I can’t take credit for this recipe, but I have to share it since it basically salvaged any hope I had of cooking a meal that would please both my family and our international students. Voila!

I love cooking. I consider my time [alone] in the kitchen to be therapeutic, and I was becoming distraught over not being able to create anything that everyone (particularly our new student) would enjoy. One evening, I was rushed for time and had nothing planned on the weekly menu. I was desperately searching online for something to make and had all but given up when I came across this God-send.

I will admit, my attitude was poor, and I figured that even if the meal was not appreciated, at least I would not have put much effort in. How bad is that?!

Not only was this meal SUPER easy to make, but everyone enjoyed it, and our student had THREE helpings! I served it over rice, and mixed in some frozen veggies (yes, frozen veggies that I heated in the microwave, remember the poor attitude and lack of effort) for color.

It has now become a regular on our monthly meal planning recipes.

*Gluten free? So are we! Here is a substitute for soy sauce, although additional salt may be added to your taste if you are not on a low-salt regimen.

Follow link to find recipe: Cheater Korean Beef.

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