what curriculum do you love?

A display of various homeschool curriculum.Curriculum. I think about new curriculum frequently, mostly because the grass always looks greener to me on the other side. That is, until I look really close and find that there’s always something I’m going to wish was just a *tad* bit different. I have found that no curriculum in and of itself is perfect, and it’s really just about finding what can easily be adapted to meet my children’s needs.Read More »


watch your step…

You will have to excuse the mess around here. I am currently enrolled in a “Certificate in WordPress Web Design” course through the local community college’s “Community Education” extension. As I learn more, you’ll notice things starting to become more orderly around here, and hopefully becoming more interesting and easier to navigate!

For now.. I have a lot of reading to do! So excuse me while I put my nose back in the book.