nw mama’s dinner menu: week 24, 2014

I really love to be in my kitchen, however I am especially looking forward to cooking this week. Just writing this menu is making me hungry. I have not looked up a recipe for gluten free meatballs yet, so I may just be making it up as I go. Feel free to send suggestions!

This is also the week before Father’s Day. For my family, this Sunday’s dinner carries almost the same amount of anticipation as Thanksgiving in that we only partake of it once a year… for the sake of our health <smile>.

NW Mama’s Menu for June 9 – June 15

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Father’s Day Triple Bypass Recipe

Inspired by this recipe at Allrecipes.com, the “Triple Bypass” has become a Father’s Day tradition at our home. I’ve tweaked this to our family’s liking, but the recipe on it’s own is quite fabulous.

If you are vegetarian or a heart patient, stop reading now. You will be sick.

If you are a Carnivore with a capital “C,” this will unleash the meat-loving animal inside of you!Read More »