nw mama’s dinner menu for week 22, 2014

I think the biggest benefit for meal planning is the flexibility it provides. I used to stress out at the beginning if I didn’t make what was on the menu for that particular night. Now that we have been doing this for a while, I am very comfortable swapping around the order of the meals as the week progresses, or “banking” them for another night if plans change. This week’s dinner menu is a little less creative and a little more simplistic. We are in the midst of some heavy spring cleaning and garden planting, so keeping prep to a minimum is key for us right now.

NW Mama’s Menu for May 26 – June 1

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spanish chicken – how do i love thee?

Delicious Spanish chicken complimented with fresh orange slices, potatoes and chorizo.In Sunday’s post, I gave you my dinner menu for this week. I have to admit that ever since I found it on Pinterest, I had been loo
king forward to making last night’s meal with a crazy similar excitement to preparing for holiday dinners. The difference is where holiday meals usually require much preparation and effort, this meal makes you look like you slaved for hours when it really only took 30 minutes, at the most, aside from the cooking time. Easy, delicious and pretty!

Oh, Spanish Chicken. You did not disappoint, and I will never be the same again. It was wonderfully plate-licking good and I have to say that there is very little I would change about this recipe.Read More »

Picture of Cheater Korean Beef served over rice on a white plate.

recipe [link] – cheater korean beef

Picture of Cheater Korean Beef served over rice on a white plate.I can’t take credit for this recipe, but I have to share it since it basically salvaged any hope I had of cooking a meal that would please both my family and our international students. Voila!

I love cooking. I consider my time [alone] in the kitchen to be therapeutic, and I was becoming distraught over not being able to create anything that everyone (particularly our new student) would enjoy. One evening, I was rushed for time and had nothing planned on the weekly menu. I was desperately searching online for something to make and had all but given up when I came across this God-send.Read More »