nw mama: embracing culture shock at home

Culture. Shock.

Are you ready for it?

nwmama-lauraI don’t think.. rather, I KNOW I had no clue what I signed up for when my husband and I decided to host international students. I was not ready for the “culture shock” that would affect not only my students coming to the United States from the other side of the world, but how it would impact my own family as well. So far, it has caused my world views to be expanded beyond the borders of this country I live in, to be open to other traditions and practicalities, to realize some things are the same about us no matter our geographical location and patience. Loads of patience.Read More »

Picture of Cheater Korean Beef served over rice on a white plate.

recipe [link] – cheater korean beef

Picture of Cheater Korean Beef served over rice on a white plate.I can’t take credit for this recipe, but I have to share it since it basically salvaged any hope I had of cooking a meal that would please both my family and our international students. Voila!

I love cooking. I consider my time [alone] in the kitchen to be therapeutic, and I was becoming distraught over not being able to create anything that everyone (particularly our new student) would enjoy. One evening, I was rushed for time and had nothing planned on the weekly menu. I was desperately searching online for something to make and had all but given up when I came across this God-send.Read More »