nw mama’s meal planning: getting started

Does meal planning sound scary to you?

I am here to convince you, eventually, that you DO have the time and that it will save you much MORE time in the not-so-long run.

Does meal planning sound scary to you? It did to me too, until a little over a year ago when I started really getting serious about it. I did it initially to save my sanity. I homeschool my two daughters, work from home part time and host international students. I also have a garden full of weeds.Read More »


happy mother’s day

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and if you are a mom, I hope you are feeling especially appreciated and loved as Sunday arrives.

I can tell you, right at this moment, I am feeling loved. My husband has graciously stepped in as host to our out of town guests, while I hide in my makeshift office and try to recharge my batteries.Read More »